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About This Site

The Lazy Coffee Diet is a FREE diet program that is a more specific version of the EC Stack diet. I had such great success with it that several people who have known me for awhile were bombarding my with questions like 'How'd you do that?'. The more I explained, the more questions would come up. What are the supplements, when do you take them, the legality, the safety and so on kept getting asked. So, I thought I'd just put everything I discovered in one place instead of repeating myself.

There's some sites that seem to cover the diet end of things well, but tell you nothing about the background of the supplements. Then there's sites that tell you about the history, but don't tell you the diet details. Not only that, I pieced together a few discoveries about the importance of liquids with a diet, and the Ephedrine Spike effect that I felt it important I share that too. I feel this concise version is not only a bit more effective than the pure pill popping version of the EC Stack, but it's a little safer, with the uniform dosing throughout the day.

Business Model

DISCLAIMER: I currently do not receive any sponsorship, salary or direct payment from any individual or corporation for the content found on this website. The sole source of income to pay for my hosting fees and my hours of work is the pay-per-click advertisements you see on the side of the pages.

While I may ultimately not profit at all from this project, I look at it as a professional growth experience.

That said, I am also open to attracting a sponsor, if the terms are agreeable. I would revise this statement if such a change in business model were to occur.

About Me

My name is Brent Lamoureux. I have been a professional software engineer for over a decade. I am self-employed, and until recently, was on long-term contract with a hi-tech electronics and gaming company that has no known industry affiliation with diet supplements or coffee products. In my free time, I have decided to pick up the HTML 5 technology and get acquainted with the latest in web technologies, while sharing this amazing experience with you. Things sure improved since I last looked at this stuff!

Though I don't expect to make money off this blog, I do have an interest in developing larger scale websites and applications in the future. This website is my introduction to some of the technologies I am interested in. If you are interested in partnering with me on a colaborative effort, send me a line, or use the contact form below!


My consulting business, Panther Software, is registered at the following address:

214 Braemar Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canada R2H 2K9


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