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Medical Disclaimer

First off, I am not a dietician, paediatrician, doctor, chemist or an expert in human biology. I am an engineer by trade, so other than having 'above average' problem solving ability, I am not the most qualified person to be taking health advice from.

That said, at the root of this diet is an already widely used and tested2 diet that is several decades old. To my knowledge, the EC Stack diet has worked successfully for thousands of people. I have taken the basic concept and basically made the diet safer by reducing its damaging effects to your stomach by suggesting liquid coffee be used instead of caffeine in a pill format.

An additional safety modification is to spread the doses uniformly over the course of a day to ensure the 'Ephedrine Spike12' is less likely to cause any side effects. It is my belief that the intent of the FDA's recent approval of Ephedrine in the smaller 8mg tablet was for this explicit purpose. Yet, I see a lot of diet plans that don't even reflect this.

I am also aware that, despite my lack of a medical background, that Ephedrine should NOT be taken by people with elevated blood-pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, pre-hypertension, pregnant, nursing or possibly an enlarged prostate. It's ironic that it's people who often are now in this state who need this diet the most. Think of it this way. This diet is like putting paint thinner on a wall to remove the paint (fat). Yes it will do the job, but it will make a mess in the meantime. Your heart won't be able to handle that much added sludge in your system.

You may need to improve your health, a bit, first, by reducing your stress level, eating and exercising regularly before you are in a condition to do this diet. Don't be foolish, if you don't heed this warning, your are disobeying directions. Consult other sources for additional warning and conditions4.

Please consult the documentation your Ephedrine (or Caffeine) supplier has provided.

Ultimately, if you are unsure about this diet, print a copy and bring it your doctor for advice.

You are following this diet at your own risk.

I accept no responsibility for any particular condition you may have that could cause adverse effects following the diet regimen. That said, I am of the opinion this diet is completely safe for 99% of healthy people. But if you are in that small minority, you should opt out, if you feel it is having any harmful effects on you.

Results Disclaimer

I have tested this diet on myself, a male in his mid 30's with great success. I was approximately 20-30lbs over-weight before I began the diet, and in moderate physical condition with no know ailments. I lost approximately 25lbs in 2 months following the regimen posted on this website. I exercised lightly during the diet, but nothing more than what I had done in the past where no weight loss had been achieved.

There have been no clinical studies done on the Lazy Coffee Diet regimen posted other than my own success with it. However, the major component of the diet, the EC Stack, or ECA Stack has had numerous studies done to prove its effectiveness 28 29 30.

I am of the belief, based on my own results comparative to my previous failures dieting, as well as my additional research done with respect to the effects of a Hydration Diet14 and the psychological conditioning technique18 of the diet to ensure the regimen is followed, that this diet matches or exceeds the effectiveness of the studied EC Stack or ECA Stack diet. I believe it to be both more effective, and more practical in the sense that it has more leeway for dosage mistakes by the individual.

I would like to conduct comparative studies, if funding were provided, to prove this theory, if any parties are interested in such an endeavour. I welcome neutral 3rd parties to do such a comparison. I would not only be interested in the results of the Lazy Coffee Diet when followed strictly, but also the ability for you to adhere to the diet itself, compared to EC Stack, ECA Stack diets adherence. I am aware that an individual dose of 200mg Caffeine with 20mg of Ephedrine is the most effective 28 individual dose, but due to the daily limits to safe amounts of Ephedrine and Caffeine, I believe multiple smaller doses will have a greater net effect. This is the more relevant study that has practical implications with this diet.

This diet is not completely foolproof. One notable way this diet can fail, of note, is the pre-disposition that eating 3 large meals per day is an essential activity, despite the fact you may not be hungry. According to theory, the main source of losing weight is ultimately a calorie deficit, outlined in the final section of the explanation. The regimen also explains that you should be eating when you are hungry only, skipping some meals, and taking low-calorie nutrients to maintain health. Continuing to eat the same amount of food, based on theory, will likely only result in minor weight loss from the metabolic effects16, and thus you have failed to follow the instructions for this diet.

However, it is my duty to notify you that results will vary based on adherence to the diet regimen, your existing physical condition, your age, gender and physical activity.

Copyright Disclaimer

As for legal issues with this diet, I have found no patents13 on the EC Stack, nor am I claiming that I have invented the EC stack, or selling any plans for it. My research indicates this diet is public domain through the patent office. I have not directly read this diet other than through public forums, and I presume there is therefore no authoritative owner to this diet. That said, I am aware patent claims are often very difficult to verify in many situations. If you are out there, please contact me with relevant documentation.

That said, I feel I am taking this incredible diet, and making it just a little bit better too. I also do not have any objections to the sharing of this enhanced diet plan, so long as you provide a link back to this site as a source. Please contact me if you have any other usage to promoting this diet other than a link back.