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Frequently Asked Questions

I see Ephedrine Sulfate and Ephedrine HCL in a lot of online retailers. What's the difference?

I may not have the best source24 for this, but Ephedrine HCL is a slower delivery mechanism, Sulfate hits you quicker. I do believe I read elsewhere that 8mg is 8mg, no matter how you slice it. HCL is the one I used in my diet. The label might have the HCL part in fine print, if it doesn't mention it in the title.

Is it safe to do this diet more than 2 months?

According to HotnFit.com4, the effect of the supplements will start losing their appetite suppressing effects after prolonged use, so you wouldn't be benefitting as much from it anyways. You would be better off 'cycling off', ie 'stop doing it', for a few month intervals at the very least.

The more serious concern is more likely the Caffeine element for long term health risk. Any vasoconstrictor should be used in moderation, it's really not the most natural thing. This diet is a synthetic solution to a synthetic problem. People are fat because it's so easy to access fatty food with modern technology that we need a modern solution.

As for the long term effects of Ephedrine, I personally beleive everything should be done in moderation. The metabolic benefits from the supplement are a small part of the weight loss. I would only use it during a cycle, and no other time, personally. I do believe there are studies that indicate there are no long term health risks to it, but, I have not verified this to be true other than some hearsay in forums.

I am only 10 lbs overweight should I do this diet?

Medical experts25 do suggest that being a few pounds overweight has a lot of negative side effects. Think of it as carrying a 10lb weight around with you all the time, would you want to do that? If not, I suggest doing this diet with fewer doses and a shorter duration until you hit your target weight.

Did you really do no exercise during this diet?

No, I did a little, just like I had been doing for the 4 years previous. I either played ball hockey or did a 40 minute light workout lifting some small weights and used my elliptical machine. I did go to a couple of hot yoga classes, which do help a bit too. My routine was 2-3 short workouts (either ball hockey, workout or yoga) a week , just like I was doing before I started the diet. Again, the reason for exercising is for good circulation, lung and heart strength. Health is not the same as weight, both are important.

I did have to endure 2 large holiday meals in the middle of it, I gained almost 9 lbs on Christmas day due to the liquids and 3 plates of food I ate. By the time it passed through my system, I gained a pound on that day. 3 days later I lost it all and then kept losing afterwards.

Isn't 7 or 8 cups of coffee a day bad for you?

Probably, yes. I personally drink a lot anyways, so it wasn't much more than I was used to. If you are in excess of 30-50lbs overweight, your heart may have difficulty with this much Caffeine, so do lower dosages, or do basic dietting and conditioning before you start this one. You should definitely consult your doctor if you are sucking wind going up 1 flight of stairs.

This isn't liposuction, but it's the closest thing, however it does increase your heart rate, and there are numerous warnings to consider. Your blood pressure and heart rate will get higher during the course of the diet.. pretty much the exact same effect as jogging would. If you have difficulty jogging, then you will have difficulty with this diet.

That said, the 'unhealthy' 2 months of coffee drinking will result in a long term benefit of lowered cholesterol and blood pressure once you have reached your target weight. I personally feel much healthier since completing the diet. The adage 'short term pain for long term gain' applies to this diet.

Can I take 3-4 pills with 1 cup of coffee instead of 1 pill per cup?

That wouldn't even be the EC Stack if you did that. You need to maintain a ratio of 80mg of Caffeine per 8mg of Ephedrine to adhere to the EC Stack diet. 1 cup of coffee only has 80-100mg of Caffeine, so your ratio would be off if you were taking 24-32mg of Ephedrine. This ratio is important, if you dig into the biology of it, it makes a difference.

Remember, your heart rate will race harder if you do it all at once, then you will have 3 hours of no real benefit, so the best way still remains to do a pill and coffee every hour. But, if you want to do 3 Ephedrine pills because you won't have time later, and you aren't about to exert yourself, you could take 3 Caffeine pills as per the standard EC Stack, or drink a giant triple cup of coffee if your bladder and heart can handle it.

The liquid coffee is always going to be the preferred option for the hydration benefit!

Is the diet really that easy?

Don't be mislead into thinking this is an easy diet. It's easy on your muscles and wallet, and convenient to do at a desk, but you do need mental focus to deal with occasional nauciousness, anxiety, paranoia, restlessness and remembering to keep your doses up. It's tough on your mind, at times.

But, at about the 4 week mark you will be incredibly motivated when you see the results happening. You might even look back and laugh at yourself. I was thinking of quitting it early.. thank god I pushed through! I think some people get freaked out that they have the sensation of running, when they aren't running.. that's normal here, but not everyone has the same mental endurance.

Can I get in trouble for doing this diet?

Some sport organizations might consider this an 'unfair advantage', and the substances may not be allowed in that sport. Technically, if you take certain cold medicines, you would get disqualified in certain competitive sports too. I recommend you review the list of banned substances published by your sporting organization, and if the diet supplements used, or even cold medicines are on that list, you consider the risk-benefit of taking them. Part of being the best at any sport is knowing the rules, and I mean every rule is important to know!

When I get more feedback I will update this section!