Diet Regimen

These are the rules to follow over the 2 months of the diet

Other handy tips


EACH DOSE is a single 8mg Ephedrine tablet combined with a standard sized (7-8oz) cup of caffeinated coffee. You need approximately 200-250 Ephedrine tablets and 200-250 cups of coffee to complete the diet. Don't waste money, use them all!

Day Range (Week) Daily Doses Notes
1 (Week 1) 1 Monitor yourself for any allergic or highly unusual response
2-3 (Week 1) 2 If you are not feeling anything unusual, increase the doses
4-7 (Week 1) 3 You won't be losing much weight yet, this is still the training phase.
8-14 (Week 2) 4 First rule. Pop is to be diluted with 30% water, if you choose to drink some.
15-21 (Week 3) 5 New rule. Bread product are now restricted to 2 or less per week.
22-28 (Week 4) 6 New rule. Pop is no no longer permitted.
29-35 (Week 5) 7 New rule. Bread products are no longer permitted.
36-42 (Week 6) 7 Try 8 doses on days of little to no activity.
43-49 (Week 7) 6 Start reducing your dosages so that your body adjusts back to normal.
50-56 (Week 8) 5 Start admiring yourself in the mirror.
57-63 (Week 9) 3 Your clothes are probably too big for you now. Buy some belts!

Some things you will notice while you are on 'The Stack'

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